Friday, 30 November 2007

North Africa

I have been advised of a high yielding investment opportunity in Morrocco. The country has been all over the papers in recent weeks because of the King's promise to boost tourism in the country by investing heavily in building new reorts such as those along the Med side of the country.
The issue is the entry point. £180000 is being touted as a starting point for decent penthouse apartments and that seems too high for me. There are lots of other opportunities out there for that level of geared investment. Does anyone have experience of investing in this area? Stability isn't an issue it seems but return on investment is - and getting much above that 180K mark seems like it could be a long way off yet...?

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Global investments - property

You hear so many 'insider tips' and next big things in property that it can become incredibly hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. I know because I've just spent the last six months going backwards and forwards to various investment experts all of whom believe they know where the next property price boom will happen.

But where is the best place to stick your money in bricks and mortar, and more importantly, is property the best place to put it? I've looked at business investment, stocks, investment funds, tax free saving accounts, name it I've researched it and the fact is I'm still not sure I'm any the wiser! One thing I do know though is that you need to think VERY carefully before jumping in, especially if, like me, you don't mind taking on more than your fair share of risk to do it.

My philosophy is that the only point in making small amounts (under six figures) is to invest in something else. Money only starts to become life changing, after all, if you get into seven figure territory and you have to take on a lot of risk to get there inside your working life.

It's for this very reason that I have decide to start this blog: to explore other people's experiences and hopefully share some valuable info on making the right choice for you...